Negotiations begin on modifying the by-law on terraces

The objective is to reach a political agreement before the summer and modify the regulations on terraces before the year is out.

The only solution to the current regulations on terraces is to reach a consensus which allows for a modification to the by-law governing them. That was the conclusion today of the Deputy Mayor for Enterprise, Culture and Innovation, Jaume Collboni, and the president of the Barcelona Restaurant Guild, Pere Chias, following a meeting to open the round of negotiations to reach a city agreement.

The municipal government considers the improvement to the current regulations must have maximum support from political groups, according to Collboni. The City Council has actually been working for several months with various groups to look for the broadest possible consensus and analyse potential modifications to the by-law. The idea is to reach a political agreement before the summer and modify the existing regulations before the end of the year.

“We need a simpler by-law, more flexible and better adapted to the reality in Barcelona”, noted Collboni, who also insisted on the need to modify the by-law to “make it possible to live side by side in public spaces, to back economic development and provide legal security”. According to the Deputy Mayor, the future regulations must endure well beyond this term of office.

The overall objective of the process, according to the Deputy Mayor, is to “value and preserve public space as a basic asset for the city, which belongs to city residents and which the municipal government has to administer with a spirit of social co-existence”. Data provided by the Restaurant Guild shows that Barcelona residents are the main users of bar and restaurant terraces, accounting for 85%.


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