The 'Man of the Noses' parades the streets

As is traditional each December 31, L'Home dels Nassos, or Man of the Noses, a symbol of the year now coming to an end, appears in the street.

In Barcelona,
L’Home dels Nassos, or Man of the Noses, is a
capgròs (“bighead”) that forms part of the city’s festive imagery. Every year, he leads a parade around a different part of the city. This December 31, he strolled around streets in the Horta neighbourhood to reach a spot on Passeig de Maragall known as “Els Quinze”. The site is devoted to the historical memory, which revives objects and elements that have marked Barcelona life. The name “Els Quinze” alludes to the price of a ticket on the number 46 tram that connected Barcelona with Horta, and which cost 15 (“quinze” in Catalan) cents until 1930. To mark today’s parade, a commemorative plaque has been installed in this area.

From Horta, the Man of the Noses then went down to Plaça de Sant Jaume, where he was greeted by representatives from Barcelona City Council, who gave him the key to open the new year.

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