Tenfold increase in online sales at municipal markets

Markets and commerce. Some 85% of the 1,430 food establishments at municipal markets, deemed an essential service, have stayed open since the state of emergency was decreed on 14 March.

Changes in shopping habits at municipal markets caused by the Covid-19 crisis have seen online sales rocket, with a tenfold increase. Some 85% of establishments have stayed open to guarantee access to this essential supply service, adapting to the needs resulting from the health emergency.

The surge in online sales comes accompanied by an increase in demand for home delivery services, which rose by 65% from March to April.

Recent weeks have also seen a drop in the number of customers purchasing in person, with a 58% fall in April compared to the same month last year.

Fewer visits, bigger shop-ups

During the Covid-19 crisis, customers have been shopping on fewer days of the week to minimise the number of times they leave the house.

The average amount spent on each order rose from 47 euros at the start of March to 77 euros at the end of April.

More safety

Guaranteeing prevention measures has been a priority for municipal markets.

  • Control of access has also been stepped up, with an extra 75 people joining security teams.
  • 7,000 face masks have been distributed each week, along with gloves and hand sanitiser, for sales staff.