A city which gives diversity a voice

14/02/2018 - 18:41

Different origins and cultural backgrounds will have their own space in municipal participation channels.

The measure on diverse participation comes within the framework of the new regulations and aims for broader participation in political decision making in the city from people with different cultural origins and backgrounds. The idea is for that diversity, which represents 25% of the city’s population, to be recognised and be able to express itself in the City Council’s participation channels.

This recognition and effort to give diversity a more visible profile will be complemented by four more areas. Firstly, the measure sets out how the institution must deepen its knowledge of different socio-cultural needs and circumstances relating to participation, jointly generating places for collectives to organise themselves.

Municipal staff must actively take on an intercultural perspective for action aimed at promoting public participation. Likewise, municipal media and communication channels must take into account cultural diversity criteria, while the institution must facilitate the exercising of the political rights of all city residents.

More participation, more democracy

The full council meeting of 6 October 2017 approved the new citizen participation regulations, which involve the public in the city’s political decision making and put the collective interest above individual visions. The regulations recognise everyone over 16 and officially residing in the city as citizens with full political rights, meaning a broader base of people who can be consulted.