Subvencions a 115 projectes de cooperació i educació per a la justícia global

31/10/2019 - 16:16

Cooperation. The Department of Global Justice and International Cooperation will be funding these projects with 7.2 million euros

The Department for Global Justice and International Cooperation will be funding these projects with 7.2 million euros, 380,000 euros more than in the previous call for subsidies. Thanks to these subsidies and other initiatives being carried out the commitment is being met to allocate 0.7% of the city’s income to global justice and international cooperation.

This call for subsidy applications will fund 115 projects out of the 245 that were submitted, two more than in the previous year, which are grouped under three programmes:

  • International cooperation programme for global justice: 42
  • International cooperation for specific cities programme: 15
  • Education programme for global justice: 58

Projects under the International cooperation programme for global justice include some working on the economic Independence of Palestinian women, malnutrition and right to health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Gaza Strip and promotion of LGTBIQ+ rights in Dakar and El Salvador.

The Budget for the International Cooperation Programme for specific cities is distributed geographically: 30% in the Mediterranean, 34% in Sub-Saharan Africa and 36% in Latin America. These are similar percentages to those of the previous year, with this year seeing a 5% increase in resources allocated to Africa.

In both cases it was the area of gender justice that received most project applications, 32%. As for the new method aimed at providing support on the ground for border assistance and protection projects and respect for the right to migrate, three projects were given subsidies.

Finally, the projects under the Education for Global Justice Programme will be giving support to initiatives such as promotion of the culture of peace and protection of the defenders of human rights, condemnation and citizen mobilisation in the area of ethical public procurement and raising the visibility of refugees and violations of their rights.

This is the first call for subsidy applications under the Master Cooperation Plan for Global Justice for 2018-2021, which is coordinated around four landmarks: economic justice, environmental justice, gender justice and right to refuge, travel and migrate.

The final decision on the subsidies was published on 4 October in the BOPB.