The city’s youth present their proposals to improve equality in Barcelona

10/06/2020 - 14:40

Education. This year’s public audience was about educating in inequality.

Barcelona’s youngsters have presented their proposals and commitments for improving equality in education in the city. The 25th edition of the Public Audience with the City’s Youth was about educating in equality.

This year’s edition involved 1,800 students from 32 schools, located around the city’s ten districts. The youngsters worked and reflected together on sexual and gender inequality.

After denouncing the existence of unfair and unequal situations caused by sexism in public spaces, education centres, family environments and social media, the youngsters outlined their requests to political institutions, teachers and relatives:

Proposals to the City Council:

  • Reject sexist publicity.
  • Create refuge points for anyone feeling harassed in the street.
  • Promote the contracting of women where they are under-represented.
  • Provide training for elderly people on gender, new masculinities and sexual diversity.

Proposals for schools:

  • Establish protocols against sexist situations and take firm action.
  • Train teachers on gender, new masculinities and sexual diversity.
  • Make changes to playgrounds to make them more inclusive so everybody feels invited to play.
  • Introduce female examples in all areas and subjects.

Proposals for families:

  • Not to distinguish between boys and girls when it comes to educating, playing and transmitting values.
  • Share tasks at home equally.
  • Talk about different masculinities and sexual diversity.
  • Get educated about topics they don’t feel they have enough information on.
  • Accept sons and daughters just as they are.

For their part, the youngsters are committed to breaking the silence and speaking out in the face of an unfair situation, to helping anyone suffering from inequalities, reflecting on their actions and raising awareness in those around them in favour of more egalitarian education and society.