Work at 77 schools during the summer holidays

08/07/2019 - 17:15

Education. 80% of the investment by the Education Consortium corresponds to the City Council.

Work is being done to renovate or extend 77 schools during the summer holidays, with 15 centres making the most of the break to carry on with extensions and improvements already under way.

Renovation and extension work is being carried out at 77 city schools in the summer holidays, with projects worth a total of 7,247,280 euros. The City Council will be bearing 80% of the investment (5,861,803 euros), with the Ministry of Education paying the rest.

Work at 18 of the 77 schools focuses on redistributing space or creating more floor space to be able to handle new schooling needs. The total investment for these projects is 2,676,619 euros.

Work at the rest of the schools involves painting, kitchen facilities, playgrounds, entrances, energy efficiency, toilets, rooftops, electrical installations, pavements and classrooms, with a total investment of 4,570,661 euros to be made. Although most of the work should be ready before the new school year begins, some centres will need to make work compatible with schooling for a few days.

At the same time, the programme for periodically repainting and renewing exteriors continues, with neutral colours being used to optimise the sense of space, serenity and light. This type of maintenance will be carried out every six years.

Energy-saving measures

The Education Consortium has set out a strategic plan for energy saving and remote management of facilities at the municipal network of publicly run schools to make them more comfortable and efficient. This plan centres on the management of the following areas:

  • Good practice among users in the daily management of centres: building ventilation, solar protection, ventilators etc.
  • Efficient design and execution of cladding, such as solar protection, correct insulation and protective vinyl.
  • Design and execution of efficient building features: installation of solar panelling for own consumption.
  • Efficient daily management of facilities: telecontrol systems and automation to manage power remotely, according to needs.

All these measures will be implemented in the summer to improve energy efficiency at 17 schools.

Major works continue

Besides the work at the 77 centres mentioned, new construction and extension work continues at 15 centres which will be stepping up their activity in the summer. The overall investment for the work at these 15 centres is 57,305,980 euros. This includes major projects at three centres, work set out by the Neighbourhood Plan at a further six centres and the building of seven new schools.

The three schools where large-scale renovation projects, extensions and improvements are being carried out are:

  • Escola Ignasi Iglésias, in Sant Andreu, with an investment of 4,935,436 euros.
  • Escola La Mar Bella, in Sant Martí, with an investment of 5,495,442 euros.
  • Escola Baldiri Reixac, in Gràcia, where outdoor space is being renewed with an investment of 807,558 euros.

The Neighbourhood Plan also means renovation work is being done at six more schools, with an investment of 11,473,126 euros. Four schools are due to be ready by the start of the academic year: Escola Bàrkeno, in Sants-Montjuïc; Institut Escola Trinitat Nova, in Nou Barris; Institut Escola Turó de Roquetes, also in Nou Barris, and Institut Rambla Prim, in Sant Martí.

The Escola Enric Granados and the Institut Cristòfol Colom will have to make school hours compatible with work being done on the premises for a few days at the start of the school year.

New buildings

Work is also being carried out to create more schools to handle the growing demand for publicly run schools. The overall investment in this case is 34,584,090 euros.

The new facilities are:

  • Three primary schools: Escola Anglesola, Escola La Maquinista and Escola 30 Passos.
  • Three secondary schools: Institut Angeleta Ferrer i Sensat, Institut La Sagrera Sant Andreu and Institut Vallcarca.
  • A nursery school: EBM Germanetes.

The Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals (EMAV), in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, will also be opening a new site in September.