21st Public Hearing for young people from Barcelona: security and city

Project in collaboration with IMEB and Participació

Taking part is the key:

  • The Public Hearing for young people from Barcelona is a way of participating. Fifth year primary school students, secondary school students, higher secondary education students and special education students put proposals to the City Council concerning a subject that interests them.
  • After a collective process of reflection and discussion, the young people present their conclusions in a public hearing chaired by the Mayor.
  • This activity gives the students experience in the practice of taking part in subjects that affect the general public. It also helps them to find out about their rights as Barcelona citizens.
  • During this school year, the Public Hearing for young people from Barcelona will tackle the subject of security and the city.
  • They will also work on the same subject at a district level.


  • To understand the concept of security as a common asset and a shared responsibility. To identify the areas of action in terms of personal and collective security.
  • To describe the actions and initiatives of some municipal services that are involved in security for the general public. To produce proposals for improving individual and collective security through reasoning skills.
  • To become aware of the individual and collective meaning of security in a democratic society. To adopt values such as self-sufficiency, critical opinion, respect and civic commitment.
  • To experience citizen participation based on identification and prioritisation of needs and the search for solutions and proposals that involve the City Council, the community and the younger members of the general public.


  • Motivation, conceptual construction, self-awareness and self-perception activities, discussion and contrasting points of view and searching for solutions.
  • Throughout the process, teachers will be given the necessary expert advice. The young people taking part will discuss the ideas and proposals to produce an agreed final statement.

Training for teachers with recognition from the Barcelona Education Consortium.
Through the School Activities Programme (PAE) www.bcn.cat/educacio/pae