Alternative mesures to fines


These are a set of unpaid educational programmes, activities or services of public utility and social interest performed by someone who has infringed one of the municipal byelaws, as an alternative to paying a fine or under a court order.

These are measures for providing a service or implementing a work plan that are aimed at giving people who infringe a byelaw an opportunity to

  • Receive an alternative penalty to paying fines, thereby
  • Bringing added value to the service concerned,
  • Highlighting individual social responsibility
  • And engaging the community in their social rehabilitation.

When we talk about alternative measures to fines (MAS), we mean substitutes for fines for infringing Barcelona City Council’s municipal byelaws.

When we talk about alternative penal measures, we mean sentences that exclude incarceration, in this case community work (TBC) and community services (PBC), for minors.