Barcelona Security Council

The Barcelona Security Council (CSB) is the participatory body for the city's citizen security system.

The CSB stems from the Barcelona Urban Security Council, which was founded on 25 June 1984, the result of the work by the Urban Security Technical Committee (CTSUB), which was established by the then Mayor, Pasqual Maragall, at the end of 1983, following an episode of fear and insecurity experienced by Barcelona's citizens.

The CTSUB's recommendations expressed its aim to socialise and democratise discussions on security in the city, by bringing together representatives from political parties, the justice authorities, lawyers', court representatives' and journalists' associations, police forces, trade unions, employers' organisations and local residents.

The last thirty years or more have seen proposals from the CSUB for a fast-track justice system and then a compliance scheme; for making use of pre-trial evidence, especially useful where victims do not reside in the city and need to return to their places of residence; for fast-track on-site complaint processes and joint police work.

The CSB is chaired by the Mayor and has representatives from the city's institutions and groups among its members.

The Department of Prevention Services provides technical support, monitors CSB meetings and agreements and funds the working groups.