How it works

The Barcelona Urban Security Council's meetings

The Council holds three ordinary meetings a year. They are initially scheduled in the first two weeks of February, June and October.

By holding special-topic meetings or establishing a fixed point in its meetings' agenda, the Barcelona Urban Security Council enables the consideration and discussion of issues raised by the districts' Prevention and Security Councils.

District Prevention and Security Councils

The city's districts have a body for putting diagnostics and information at the disposal of neighbourhood and district bodies , which enable participation, debate and commitment to positive community life and the security of the neighbourhoods' local residents.

District Prevention and Security Councils have to provide for and guarantee the presence and active participation of neighbourhood organisations in their composition. Special care must be taken to ensure the presence of representatives from the district's women's and senior citizens' councils.

The Barcelona Security Council works under the criteria of:

  • local community
  • participation
  • information transparency
  • consensus for public policies