Local Security Board

The Barcelona Local Security Board (JLSB) is the managing body for the city's citizen-security system.

The Local Security Board is the coordinating body for public security in the city and is tasked with taking decisions based on the information and knowledge provided by the various members with regard to their functions and responsibilities. Its goal is to establish areas of informed discussion that allow decisions to be made on the city's prevention and security needs and priorities, as well as the coordination mechanisms for interventions, programmes and initiatives.

The JLSB is chaired by the Mayor and normally held every three months.

The Department of Prevention Services provides technical support and monitors the JLSB's Meetings and agreements.


  • Mayor of Barcelona
  • The Generalitat of Catalonia's territorial delegate for Barcelona
  • Commander-in-Chief of the National Police Force in Catalonia
  • Director General of the Generalitat's Catalan police force (Mossos d'Esquadra)
  • Colonel in command of the Guàrdia Civil in Barcelona
  • Assistant Director-General coordinating the local police forces of Catalonia
  • The Generalitat of Catalonia's Director General of Security Administration
  • Chief Commissioner of the Barcelona Metropolitan Police Region, Generalitat of Catalonia
  • Barcelona City Council's Commissioner for Security
  • Barcelona City Council's Prevention and Security Manager
  • Chief of Barcelona's Guàrdia Urbana police force
  • Barcelona City Council's Director of Prevention Services
  • Chief Prosecutor of the Province of Barcelona's Prosecutor's Office
  • Chief Justice of Barcelona