Spanish Forum for Urban Prevention and Security

The Spanish Forum for Urban Prevention and Security (FEPSU) is an association made up of state municipalities and organisations that voluntarily decide to attend, for the defence and promotion of public prevention and security policies.

The goals of the Spanish Forum are to promote and support preventive and safety strategies in public policies and to encourage studies on issues and problems linked to these topics. The Forum established suitable organisational structures to achieve these goals and a database facilitates the ongoing exchange of information between members. We also coordinate meetings, seminars, working sessions and the publication of materials, because providing the professionals and specialists who work in these areas with ongoing training is one of the Forum’s priority lines of action. It is important to stress that the Spanish Forum talks with the public authorities as well, in a consultative capacity, on formulating plans relating to public policies on prevention and safety.

The principles that the Forum is based on — peaceful coexistence, social inclusion and democracy — are the basis of the following goals:

  • Protecting people through a full citizen appropriation of the city and its public areas.
  • Social prevention and social inclusion policies aimed at the social promotion of people and the social and territorial cohesion of the city.
  • Strengthening the civic values and attitudes of respect, tolerance, solidarity and collaboration, which allow greater interaction between everyone and avoid social and cultural segregation, labelling and social exclusion.
  • Social reinsertion of offenders, especially through services that benefit the community.
  • The various operators in prevention and security systems.

European Forum for Urban Security

Set up in 1987 under the auspices of the Council of Europe, the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) is an international NGO formed by local entities,, and it works in the area of urban safety and crime prevention. The aim of this network is to strengthen crime prevention policies and to promote the role of local governments in national and European policies.

EFUS works on all aspects of urban safety and security, developing links between European local authorities by exchanging knowledge and good practices and through cooperation and training. It also serves as a hub connecting local authorities with national, European and international bodies. EFUS is run by an Executive Committee of 33 territorial authorities elected from all the network’s members (approximately 250 cities and local authorities). It has inspired the creation of seven national forums, in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal.