What we do

The Department of Prevention Services is tasked with planning strategies, by studying and analysing community life and security in the city, proposing programmes and interventions aimed at making the city safer, more inclusive, fairer and more cohesive.

  • It provides technical and administrative support to Barcelona's security-system bodies; the LOCAL BOARD OF SECURITY and the BARCELONA URBAN SECURITY COUNCIL.
  • It coordinates and monitors the PREVENTION AND SECURITY PLAN for BARCELONA, established in Act 4/2003 on the organisation of the public safety system for Catalonia.
  • It facilitates the transfer of knowledge on risk prevention and (in)security, among the players involved, promoting training and the exchange of good practices from other (national and international) authorities participating in city network projects.
  • Its Barcelona Map of players in prevention identifies the distribution of preventive and community-life initiatives carried out by public operators and social-initiative organisations in the territory.
  • It coordinates and manages projects and interventions within the city area that provide a response to joint needs, taking into account the distinct characteristics and needs of neighbourhoods and districts.
  • It provides support for the district's prevention specialists and takes part in the city's cross-cutting and territorial projects.
  • It manages existing resources for the city as a whole and offers methodological and technical support to the players involved in preventing disputes in the city.
  • It is the City Council's representative at the European Forum for Urban Security and the Spanish Forum for Urban Security and Prevention