Why Violence? Why Violence?

A programme addressing everyday violence, for young people and teenagers

It brings together young people and teenagers with whom it aims to tackle everyday acts of microaggression, so that it is they who construct their own discourse on the prevention of everyday acts of violence.

It uses stage and musical creations, dance, audiovisuals and social entrepreneurship to support a clear message: Don't use violence to express your ideas.

The project's aims are:

  • For young people and teenagers to construct their own discourses on violence prevention.
  • To implement actions and initiatives run by the young people themselves.
  • To empower young people with building up a social capital that has an impact on preventing disputes.

It is based on a variety of complementary activities:

  • Workshops on artistic creation: hip-hop, rap, performing arts, music making, audiovisual creation, photographic narrative, etc. Violence prevention materials and messages are created by young people for young people in an artistic and cultural format.
  • It promotes micro-projects: self-managed actions and initiatives for young people.
  • Meetings
  • Talks at schools



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