Young people and authority

The "young people and authority" programme is a Department of Prevention Services initiative that began in 2015, as a pilot experience in the districts of Sants-Montjuïc and Horta-Guinardó. In 2016, it was extended to the districts of Ciutat Vella and Sant Andreu.

The project aims to promote the interaction of young people with their authority figures (teachers in the sphere of education and the Guàrdia Urbana police force in public areas), so that they can reflect, study in detail, discuss and work on the concept of authority and exercising authority.

Police officers and teachers meet periodically with groups of young people at critical meetings that are used to foster understanding between groups of young people and authorities.

The young people taking part are linked to a variety of youth centres: Young people from the “El Click” project (Plataforma d’Educació Social de Navas, de Salesians Sant Jordi), Casal Jove Atles Raval (Casal dels Infants), Joves del Projecte Franja Raval, Grup de Joves “Vols un cop de mà?” (Mans a les Mans Foundation), PES Martí-Codolar (Salesians Sant Jordi).

These joint meetings are held once a month throughout the school year and they cover subjects that the young people have decided beforehand. After each meeting, the police officers and teachers exchange impressions with the presenters. The video shows a collection of images from the experience, bringing about enriching exchange situations. A document that shows a new way to give young people a better understanding of authority through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Taking part in each group are:

  • 15 young people
  • 4 police officers (1 corporal and 3 officers)
  • 4 teachers