And what can I do?

As Barcelona's residents, we have a very important role regarding the quality of air we breathe. A large part of reducing pollution levels depends on us and our actions. Here are a few things that can help to improve air quality. The effects of these actions are tangible and immediate. If there is a drop in air pollution, it will have a noticeable effect on your health.

Choose sustainable forms of transport

  • Leave your car at home wherever possible, choosing public transport instead.
  • If you cycle or walk, there are health benefits, as well as saving time and money.

If you drive, do so efficiently

  • Car-share with others whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Combine it with public transport.
  • Carry out scheduled maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Avoid wasteful use of air conditioning.
  • When driving, accelerate and brake gently to reduce emissions.
  • Ensure your tyre pressure is correct

Efficiency measures at home

  • Make the most of natural light, use low-consumption light bulbs and switch lights off when they are not needed.
  • Keep the entry and exit air passages of your air-conditioning devices free and avoid covering radiators.
  • Insulate your doors and windows to reduce losses from heating or air-conditioning.
  • Have your air-conditioning serviced to maintain its efficiency.
  • Adjust your thermostats to recommended temperatures (20ºC-21ºC in the winter and 25ºC-26ºC in the summer).