Play needs more parks, more leisure, more nature and less pollution

Pupils from various Barcelona schools read out the children’s proclamation today, getting the festivities for Santa Eulàlia under way. The youngsters had written a text with a clear message, suggesting improvements for the city and demanding a play-oriented city, where play is a right for all.

“Play is a way of learning,
and of being creative.
Play is important
for developing and growing up.”

This declaration on the importance or play in education and in childhood came from pupils in their third, fourth and fifth years of primary school at twenty different Barcelona schools. The children had been working on the project since November, sharing ideas and resources. In the process they identified various things that need improving. They voiced them by reading out today’s speech.

“We don’t want pollution,
we want lots of fun.
A park with a slide,
hopscotch and a sandpit.”

“We want the Mayor
to renew some places.
More play libraries, books and music
and more games for everyone.”

These suggestions will now be taken into account by the City Council. The Mayor assured the children she would hang their speech on the wall in her office and take it into consideration. “We also want a much friendlier and more play-oriented city for children and adults alike. You want more places to play in the city, less cars and less pollution. We’ll do it”, Colau told the children.

The children’s proclamation is an educational activity to introduce children to participatory processes, familiarise them with political institutions and involve them in improving the city.