Espai Arcadi Oliveres - Casa de la Justícia Global

24/02/2021 - 12:21 h


The agreement with the City Council sees change the name of its headquarters in recognition and appreciation of Aracadi Oliveres.

In a small-format ceremony, and in the appreciable company of the economist Arcadi Oliveres and his family, the change of name for the headquarters of was made official. The building at C/ Tàpies, 1-3, Barcelona, will now be known as the Espai Arcadi Oliveres - Casa de la Justícia Global.

On behalf of the institutions, the ceremony was attended by the Mayor, Ada Colau, and the Catalan Minister for Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Bernat Solé. Along with the chair of, Luca Gervasoni, the representatives highlighted and expressed their appreciation for the firm commitment of Arcadi Oliveres with justice and peace, the coherence of his actions, his wisdom and clarity, in a career which has had a major influence on many.

The ceremony was not just an act of recognition and appreciation, but rather, in the words of the Mayor, “an act of commitment to say we will continue along the same path”.

For his part, Arcadi Oliveres was clearly moved and appreciative for the creation of the space, noting “the need for us to keep working without violence, in hope and together so that the purposes which guide this house remain for as long as possible”.

The ceremony can be seen in the recording that goes with this news item.