European cities exchange experiences and responses to the COVID-19 crisis

24/03/2020 - 11:26 h

Jorge Luis Fuentealba Diez

The network of European cities Eurocities has launched a space for the exchange of experiences and responses against COVID-19, “Live updates COVID-19. European cities responds to the coronavirus crisis”.

The network of European cities Eurocities has launched a space for the exchange of experiences and responses against COVID-19, Live updates COVID-19. European cities respond to the coronavirus crisis”. The initiative was adopted during the meeting of the Eurocities Executive Committee at the political level, which was held electronically on March 17. Barcelona was represented by the Deputy Mayor for Agenda 2030, Digital Transition, Sports and Territorial and Metropolitan Coordination of the City Council, Laia Bonet, who stressed that “in front of this shared challenge, working together makes more sense than ever.”

The exchange space, which was running the day after the Executive Committee meeting, has been successful: numerous initiatives are being shared. The responses from Barcelona that propose measures for the benefit of the cultural sector and the strengthening of health telecare assistance are noteworthy.

Specific meeting of European cities on COVID-19

During the Eurocities Executive Committee meeting, Deputy Mayor Laia Bonet proposed an online meeting of the political representatives of the twelve cities that form the Executive Committee ─including Barcelona─ in order to specifically discuss the COVID-19 health crisis and to share the experiences of the cities to face it. The meeting will be held on March 26.

On the other hand, it should be noted that during the meeting of the Executive Committee of March 17 the cancellation of all the meetings scheduled until June was agreed.

Document in English that synthesizes the measures of Barcelona

With the aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences and measures that cities are developing to face of the health crisis, the Third Deputy Mayor of the Barcelona City Council prepared a synthesis document in English with all the measures that the consistory is adopting in various subjects, such as reducing the impact on people in vulnerable situation, in the workplaces, in the economy or in the cultural sector, among others.

Cities for Global Health initiative

The Metropolis and AL-LAs (Euro-Latin American alliance for cooperation between cities) networks have created, with the support of the UCLG network, the Cities for Global Health initiative, through which local and regional governments of all geographical areas can share their specific initiatives to face  COVID-19 and also initiatives to face other health emergencies.