International image of Barcelona: business, creativity and new industries stand out

15/01/2019 - 15:55 h

Jorge Luis Fuentealba Diez

The aim of the study "Barcelona to the Eyes of the World 2018" is to monitor the evolution of the perception of the city at a global level through the opinions of more than 3,000 people from relevant countries.


Barcelona City Council launched the study “Barcelona to the Eyes of the World 2018”, which aims to monitor the evolution of the perception of the city at a global level through the opinions of more than 3,000 people between 18 and 65 years of age. Europe, North America, China and Japan; visitors in Barcelona for professional reasons, residents in the city, international journalists, foreign businessmen and businesswomen, and city branding experts, in addition to the qualitative analysis of 240,000 online conversations on Twitter on the cities of Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Singapore and Miami (cities with a similar positioning).

The resulting report is part of the renovation project of the brand-city story promoted by the City Council and developed in collaboration with different economic, institutional and social actors of the city and the territory of Barcelona, ​​and aims to know the evolution of meanings of the brand since 2011, the year of the first “Barcelona to the Eyes of the World”; identify the differential features of Barcelona with respect to similar cities, and also know if there are differences of opinion between visitors to the city before and after visiting it.

The main conclusions of the study, which was carried out at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, show that the city has a positive image all over the world, as a coherent and transversal city, and with a high overall attractiveness. They emphasize its welcoming nature, as a place to invest and do business, and also to establish and attract qualified talent. The name and image of Barcelona are linked internationally especially to creativity, and for the first time, also the technological, biomedical and digital sectors. It is also recognized for its importance in trade, tourism and event organization.

The first deputy mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, highlighted in the presentation of the report, made on January 15, that the perception of Barcelona has had a relevant change and that it enjoys a versatile, diversified, innovative and balanced city image. He also stressed that no city of Spain has a Science Plan like that of Barcelona, ​​which corresponds to a decided commitment of the City Council for its development.

As main conclusions, ten stand out:
1. Barcelona enjoys a positive image around the world
2. A city to live and to develop
3. A good place to invest and do business
4. The emerging new industry is perceived as technological, biomedical and digital
5. A city linked to creativity and design
6. Barcelona continues to offer a vibrant experience
7. Barcelona faces the challenges of a big city
8. Barceloneses, proud of their city
9. The city for restless urbanites
10. Barcelona meets expectations

More information: press release of the Barcelona City Council, summary of the report (in Catalan)