Let's back bikes!

16/04/2016 - 10:23 h

Ecologia Urbana

Cycling. Barcelona City Council is running a campaign to promote the use of bicycles in the city.

The campaign, which brings together the objectives of the Strategic Bicycle Measure, includes a new bicycle website, the distribution of information leaflets on traffic regulation for cyclists, advertisements and promotional acts around the city streets. As part of Bicycle Day, an international event on 19 April, teams of information staff will take to the streets on bikes to offer information and free gifts to cyclists.

Barcelona City Council has set one of its objectives as achieving safer and more sustainable mobility in the city by encouraging people to get around more on foot, cycling and using public transport, in keeping with the Urban Mobility Plan (PMU) 2013-2019.

In terms of bicycle use, the PMU aims to increase bike journeys by 67%, equating to almost 80,000 more bike journeys per day in the city.

To achieve this goal, last November the municipal government presented the Strategic Bicycle Measure, which outlines a series of measures to promote the use of bikes in the city and includes increasing the total network of cycle paths from 116 km to 308 km.

As part of this strategy, Barcelona City Council is now running a campaign to boost bike use, with the aim of emphasising bikes as a healthy way of getting around the city, in both an individual and a global sense. The campaign will also introduce traffic regulations for cyclists, fostering respectful conduct between cyclists and other types of transport, as well as outlining how getting around by bike benefits the city and the construction of more efficient and sustainable mobility.

The campaign includes various initiatives and action, including the new web on cycling in the city, offering information on getting around, traffic regulations, relevant services, existing and planned cycle paths, parking and more, as well as information on boosting participation, education and the promotion of cycling.

Leaflets on bicycle use will also be distributed at cultural and educational facilities such as cinemas, theatres, libraries, universities, high schools and colleges, as well as sports centres, health centres, cafes, bike repair workshops, bike rental and sales establishments and Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC).

Action around the city streets also includes the installation of decorative bikes at different spots in the city and for Bicycle Day, an international event on 19 April, various teams of information staff will be getting around the city by bike giving out leaflets and free gifts for cyclists.