The population of Barcelona reaches the historical maximum of 20% of residents with foreign nationality

Mon, 15/07/2019 - 09:26

Jorge Luis Fuentealba Diez

The registered population in Barcelona as of January 1, 2019 amounts to 333,516 people of 179 nationalities, representing 20.2% of the total population: a maximum both in absolute and relative terms of the city's recent history.

According to data of the population registered in Barcelona as of January 1, 2019, one of every five residents has a foreign nationality: 333,516 foreign people of 179 nationalities. The figure, which represents 20.2% of the total resident population, is a maximum both in absolute and relative terms of the city’s recent history.

The most numerous nationality is the Italian (36,276 people), which has increased considerably during the last year, being far ahead from the Chinese (21,658, second place), Pakistani (20,643, third place), French (16,940, fourth ), the Moroccan (14,418, fifth) and the Colombian (12,290, sixth).

Regarding the country of birth of the residents, 433,846 people were born abroad, which represents 26.3% of the total residents in the city. The six main countries of birth place of Barcelona residents are Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Pakistan and Italy.

42.2% of foreigners living in Barcelona have university studies or a higher degree training cycle. By continents, the most represented foreigners are European and American. The district with the highest foreign population in 2018 was Eixample with 61,546 foreign residents, followed by Ciutat Vella with 52,214 and Sant Martí with 45,556.

Throughout 2019, the groups that have added more registered residents are Italy (+4,776), Venezuela (+2,249), Honduras (+2,202), Colombia (2,098) and France (+1,680). The increases in residents from Venezuela, Honduras and Colombia coincide with the main nationalities of origin of asylum seekers and refugees in Barcelona.

On the other hand, the population registered in Barcelona at January 1, 2019 totals 1,650,358 people, the highest figure since 1991. It highlights the fact that the population increases at the highest rate of the last eleven years, with an increase in absolute terms of 21,422 people in the last year (+ 1.32% in relative terms).

All the data come from the reports on the registered population prepared and presented by the Department of Statistics and Data Dissemination attached to the Municipal Data Office of the Barcelona City Council, released in July 2019.

More information and access to the reports in press release of the Press Service of the Barcelona City Council (in Catalan)

Report: The foreign population in Barcelona. The population of Barcelona born abroad. January 2019 (PDF of 197 pages in Catalan)