Sala Ciutat is not just a bookshop specialising in publications on Barcelona but a display area for the illustrations sector too, thanks to its “Altell Il.lustrat” (Illustrated Mezzanine).

Books, city and illustration are the three cornerstones to a project in the process of growing.

C/ Ciutat, 2 (Ciutat Vella)

Free admission

From Monday to Friday: 10 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 8 pm

Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm

  • Sala Ciutat

    Sala Ciutat is next to the old Gothic façade of the Casa de la Ciutat (City Hall). Its origins go back centuries, to the various extensions carried out on the Barcelona City Council buildings. After architectural renovation work, the Sala Ciutat opened its doors in 2008.

    It is now a bookshop specialising in publications on Barcelona and also a showcase for the illustration sector.  

  • Altell Il·lustrat

    The Altell Il·lustrat (Illustrated Mezzanine) is a space for large-format graphic presentations created by professionals from the illustration sector, with Barcelona as their central theme. Since it first opened to the public in April 2016, it has changed its look twice a year for the Sant Jordi and La Mercè festivities. It features works by Barcelona's established professionals and up-and-coming talent alike.

    Sala Ciutat has played host to “Altells” from María Corte, Joan Negrescolor, Gina Thorstensen, Miguel Bustos, Lalalimola (Sandra Navarro) and Lu_J_son (Tomás Langarita). It is currently showing the Pau Gasol and Carles Murillo, version of the Altell Il·lustrat.

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  • Bookshop


    The bookshop has been revamped, to make it more efficient, and now it has a more extensive collection and new theme areas. It also includes publications from the city's museums and cultural centres.

    The wide range of publications runs from comics to works on philosophy, city planning and poetry, as well as books ranging from history to fiction, all with Barcelona as their common theme. The bookshop’s entire catalogue can be viewed at  Barcelona Llibres.

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