The European project Secure'Cities

Barcelona City Council’s Area of Safety and Prevention is teaming up with Lyon City Council to take part in Secure-Cities, a European project to improve protection against terror threats and other critical incidents in public areas.

The European project Secure-Cities starts this month and will last three years, responding to some of the needs for improving prevention and responses to incidents with multiple victims, identified by the City Council after the terrorist attacks of 17 August 2017. Among other things the project will address:

  • Protection of iconic spaces, such as Av. Reina Maria Cristina, where various city events bring large crowds together.
  • Study of the protection of sensitive areas in the city, with a technical proposal for improvements.
  • Modernisation of the surveillance system for urban security, to ensure swift detection of incidents and agility in identifying people, objects and vehicles which may pose a threat to security. Specifically, the project will allow for a changeover from the current analogical system to a digital one for the 24 security cameras; development of software to analyse images and automatically pick up on anomalies and risks, automatic number plate reading cameras in City Police patrol cars and improved checking of police databases.

Besides the opportunity to put these measures into practice, the project will also allow for better design, implementation and assessment thanks to the exchange of good practice between the two participating cities.