ApparkB, one year providing parking

13/10/2014 - 07:00

Regina Navarro

The application that enables you to pay for your parking ticket from a mobile phone in real time, has already issued 650,000 tickets and now has 45,000 users.

ApparkB, a mobile application that enables you to pay for your parking in real time through the mobile phone, has become established among the citizens of Barcelona, and its use continues to grow at a good rate: 4,000 parking tickets are issued every day, which represents 6% of all tickets issued in the AREA.

The aim is to reach 10% of all tickets issued, and therefore from 13 October, a dissemination campaign of the application will be started, to reach more people and facilitate car parking for citizens, with 1,000 parking metres of the blue AREA, which will have informative vinyl stickers with QR codes to be able to download the app.

Successful figures

Since 11 September 2013, when ApparkB started, over 80,000 downloads have been recorded between iPhone and Android, with 45,000 registered users. An average of 4,000 tickets have been issued a day, totalling 650,000 tickets issued in the first year.

A very practical app

This app is very simple to use. Once the user has parked his vehicle, he just has to indicate the registration number of the vehicle and the colour of the parking space. The system locates the position through the mobile GPS and automatically applies the rate corresponding to the parking space. Once this has been done, the user confirms the parking space with “start”, and once he wants to leave the parking space, with “Finish”.