Security figures from a summer shaped by Covid-19

10/09/2020 - 12:41


Crime in the city dropped by 41 % in July and August, particularly petty theft, which was down 61% compared to the figures from 2019. In a summer shaped by the safety measures for the Covid-19 health crisis, the City Police made 1,497 formal denouncements for non-compliance with the obligation of wearing face masks and moved on 23,616 people in public spaces for failing to comply with the restrictions in place during the pandemic.

In an exceptional summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic, crime in the city has practically halved, with the 41,394 offences committed in the summer of 2019 dropping to 24,400 this year. Most crimes were in tourist areas and leisure spots in the city. One notable figure shows that petty crime has dropped by 61%, with 9,191 cases compared to a figure of 23,854 last year. Thefts dropped by 32% (falling from 2,274 cases last year to 1,535 this summer), and thefts involving violence or intimidation dropped by 29%.

Non-compliance with restrictions to contain Covid-19

Over the summer, the City Police moved on 23,616 people in public squares and spaces in the evenings and at night for non-compliance with the restrictions in place for the Covid-19 health crisis. People were mainly moved on from leisure spots and the beaches in the districts of Ciutat Vella and Sant Martí. In these same areas the police also registered 3,178 infringements relating to the consumption of alcohol.

In relation to the obligation of wearing face masks, the City Police warned people on 33,179 occasions and reported 1,497 people for not wearing masks in public places.

The City Police also set up a service to detect parties which do not comply with the regulations and share information with the nightlife sector, specifically the Catalan Federation of Restaurant and Music Associations.

Fewer accidents and fewer mortalities

Accidents with victims in Barcelona have dropped by 43.7% since January this year, with a total of 3,527 accidents in the whole city. The number of people seriously injured is down by 29.8% and there have been 8 mortalities.