What do the City Police’s marine patrols get up to?

01/09/2020 - 15:37


Most interventions are to do with detecting and warning people about risky behaviour and assisting people where necessary.

The Talaia and the Guaita are two rigid inflatable boats used by Barcelona’s Guardia Urbana [city police]. They enable officers to assist and rescue swimmers and surfers, tow sea vessels and supervise breakwaters. They are also a tool for preventing unlicensed fishing and the use of items that are dangerous to swimmers.

Frequent interventions include warning swimmers when they are too far out in the sea or surfers when they are outside their permitted area. They also carry out rescues at breakwaters and warn people where they are not allowed to jump into the sea.

In addition, officers on these boats coordinate with the other officers patrolling the city’s beaches to ensure maximum safety along Barcelona’s coastline. More specifically, they warn them of any illegal activities they detect from the sea basically relating to thefts and hawking.