Other services

Legal Advice Services Department

  • Manages the Legal Advice section of the Office for Prevention, Safety and Mobility, supervises its processes and appraises events and initiatives from a legal standpoint.
  • Interprets rules and regulations and provides legal support for decision-making and drafts proposals for rules and regulations.
  • Settles claims, public appeals and administrative measures.
  • Processes the service's criminal proceedings, disciplinary measures and authorisations.
  • Coordinates and manages measures that the courts require Guàrdia Urbana police officers to carry out.

Financial Management and Resource Monitoring Services Department

  • Manages human resources, infrastructures, logistics and the budget for the Office of Prevention, Safety and Mobility.
  • Designs the strategic lines for managing human, financial, material and logistical resources, as well as infrastructures and information and telecommunication systems at the Office.
  • Takes administrative measures for procurement and responds to claims and appeals that are lodged.
  • Processes financial liability proceedings.

Communications Department

  • Plans and designs communication strategies for the Office.
  • Manages aspects of the corporate image, in line with Barcelona City Council's generic image.
  • Launches communication initiatives for all the Office's products and services.
  • Handles suggestions and complaints from the public.
  • Co-ordinates initiatives for improving internal communication.