The process for creating the Sant Gervasi - la Bonanova superblock resumes

Barcelona Superblock. The process for creating the Sant Gervasi - la Bonanova superblock is back in progress

The project for creating the Sant Gervasi - la Bonanova Superblock is back in progress, following the participatory process held between 2018 and 2019 to diagnose the area and establish an action plan for the initiatives needed there.

The Sant Gervasi – la Bonanova superblock plans to launch several initiatives in the area, some structural, that is, final; and others functional, such as changed traffic directions and eliminated turns in certain streets. Noteworthy projects that will have the greatest impact on the neighbourhood include the traffic calming in C/ Sant Gervasi de Cassoles and Pl Frederic Soler, which will provide new rest spaces for city residents, green areas and reduced private traffic.


With local residents and associations taking part

Barcelona City Council has launched a new participatory process, this time intended for establishing the details of these priority initiatives. Several walkways are planned through the area, information sessions and specific meetings with certain groups, such as the district’s Women’s Board and participatory spaces with people with disabilities and young people. Specific consultations will also be made on the area’s commerce, to include suggestions and new points of view, with the aim of improving the final project.

Other notable initial initiatives include a Decidim Barcelona citizen survey, which already open to the public online through this link and face to face on the morning of 21 May at Mercat de Sant Gervasi and on the afternoon of 26 May in C/ Sant Gervasi de Cassoles. There will be information officers at these locations to help citizens with answering these surveys.

What’s more, the entire process will continue working with the Lead Group, who have been working here since the very start and who will be doing the monitoring and validating.