Rector Triadó després

More pedestrian space at the Hostafrancs superblock

Urban planning. Work gets under way to prioritise pedestrians in C/ Rector Triadó and C/ Torre d’en Damians.


City streets get a 21st century look

Urban planning. The Superblock programme takes another step forward with the new model defined for the the future green streets in the city, starting with Consell de Cent, Girona, Rocafort and Comte Borrell.


On 8 June, the Barcelona Superblock project will be presented to the public

Barcelona Superblock. The Barcelona Superblock project is opening up the participatory process to the public, with an online and partly in-person session on 8 June.


A step towards rebalancing commerce in Enric Granados

Barcelona Superblock. The usage plan now includes C/ Enric Granados so that the Barcelona Superblock model can be rolled out properly.


What is tactical urbanism? More than coloured paint

Urban planning. The approach allows for a swift and cost-effective provisional transformation of public space until the final project takes shape.


More pedestrian space in C/ Pelai to revitalise the city centre and commercial activity

Urban planning. The tactical urban project has enabled the pavement nearest the sea to be widened, traffic lanes to be reduced and a 30 km/h speed limit applied.


Plan to protect local commerce in the Barcelona Superblock

Barcelona Superblock. A one-year suspension will apply on the issue of licences and building permits linked to music and leisure, eateries and food commerce in the area.

superilla barcelona

Ideas contest to design the Barcelona Superblock resolved

Urban planning. The winning projects are the starting point for a process which will also include input from citizens.


Cutting noise pollution improves health

Health. Some 57% of people in Barcelona are exposed to higher noise levels than those recommended by the WHO.


Less traffic in the side lanes in Diagonal and Gran Via

Mobility and transport. Obligatory right turns will apply in some streets from 8 February, with the exception of bikes and taxis.