New multi-disciplinary group to guide and assess the rollout of the Barcelona Superblock

Urban planning. The transformation of the first four streets and four junctions attracted 86 proposals, more than any other urban planning competition in the city.


Green light for the initial urban canopy project to connect the tram system

Urban planning. The urban remodelling project for the canopy covers an area of 40,735 square metres and will be the first step in connecting the tram system in Av. Diagonal.


Turning Barcelona into a big superblock

Urban planning. The transformation begins in L’Eixample, where one in three streets will be greened up and local people will all have a square within 200 metres of their homes.

Protegim les escoles

Less pollution and more safety for children in areas outside schools

Urban planning. Priority will be given to schools where air quality is poorest and those which are most vulnerable in terms of road safety.


A city adapted for active and healthy mobility which fills the streets with life

Mobility and transport. Pedestrian space has grown by 501,000 square metres and an extra 21.3 km of bike routes have been created.


Streets adapted and parks reopened for safe use of public space

Some 74,000 square metres of public space will be reserved for pedestrians as from 1 May, with 70 parks also to re-open.

mobilitat desconfinament

How will we get about once the lockdown starts to ease?

Covid-19. Emergency measures to ensure safe travel on foot, by bike and on public transport.


Climate emergency declared in Barcelona

Climate emergency. The climate emergency declaration is an institutional and public commitment to adapt the city and mitigate the climate crisis.


The Sant Antoni superblock cuts traffic circulation by 82%

Superblocks. Local people took part in a celebration to inaugurate the recently completed second stage of the Sant Antoni superblock.

Superilla del Poblenou, 2018

The 5G-IoT testing ground in the Poblenou superblock has been launched.

The City Council wants to prioritise the practical, direct and positive impact of 5G technology on the city’s residents and their standard of living.