• Time laboratory

    You will find information and resources about the policies developed by public administrations in different places of Catalonia, Europe and the rest of the World, publications promoted by universities and research groups, a library and video library space

  • Guide to services "Barcelona nevers stops"

    ‘Barcelona never stops. A practical guide to services’ has been published in response to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. The publication contains 55 measures by the City Council relating to subsidies and initiatives to support the city’s economic, entrepreneurial and business network.

  • How to develop a plan that promotes a healthier, more egalitarian and efficient organization of time in your company

    An efficient company achieves its objectives with a competent use of the resources it has. Considering that people are the most important capital of an organization, it is essential to promote a flexible organization that takes into account the needs of the workers, without prejudices to the objectives of the company.

  • Time Use Week 2020

    Time Use Week will take place from November 23rd to 27th! More than fifteen activities and fifty speakers for an international reference event on the use of time.

  • Call for the Barcelona Award for Innovative Business in Organization and Uses of Time 2020

    This award, which this year celebrates its 9th edition, wants to recognize those companies and organizations that are committed to new organizations of the uses of time linked to the flexibility of time and space, care and co-responsibility, the rationalization of schedules and all those proposals that allow a greater balance between life and work.

  • Barcelona hosts the 43rd edition of the Annual Congress of the IATUR International Association for Time Use Research

    The Barcelona City Council, the Deputation of Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Time Use Week for a Healthy Society will be the co-organizers of the 43rd edition. In Barcelona that will promote the confluence between research and public policies on the use of time and social impact in the framework of the most important international organization congress of time on a global scale. 

  • The Barcelona Time Use for a Healthy Society begins the campaign for healthy time uses in Covid-19 time

    The Barcelona Time Use for a Healthy Society is an initiative for the international promotion of health and wellness policies related to the use of time. In time of confinement due to Covid19, a campaign begins to promote an organization of time that respects the biological clock and that allows sharing quality time and enjoying the little things.

  • Information service for the work environment and economic activity due to the Covid-19 effect (in spanish)

    You will find all the resources and aid from different institutions for the self-employed , companies, cooperatives, entities and working people to face the economic difficulties caused by COVID-19. Barcelona Activa has enabled a call center to attend and refer resources and organizations that can help you. Telephone 900 533 175 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

  • Barcelona Time Agreement

    "A city commitment for a more healthy, egalitarian and efficient organization of time". The Barcelona Time Agreement is a city agreement that promotes performances so that people live and organize their daily life according to their needs in a collective framework of coexistence. - spanish lenguage.

  • Time Reform Pact

    Uses of Time. Álvaro Porro, new Commissioner for Social Economy, Local Development and Consum of Barcelona City Council signs the Time Reform Pact.

  • Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Management of Conciliation and Time

    Of the companies that have been presented in this 8th edition, six have done so in each of the categories of micro, small and medium companies except in the case of large companies where nine candidatures have been submitted. 27 candidatures have been presented from various sectors, including social, scientific and technological fields, although companies from the insurance, trade or consultancy sector have also been presented.

  • Economy of care and municipal policy: towards a democratization of care in the city of Barcelona

    Language: Spanish

    Area: Barcelona
    Subject: Economics of care
    Authors: Sandra Ezquerra (University of Vic); Elba Mansilla (The Invisible City) and City Hall of Barcelona.
    Review: Exploring the provision and reception of care in the city of Barcelona, carrying out qualitative interviews with recipients and providers of care, with the objective of formulating action recommendations to democratize it and place it at the center of political, social and economic priorities.



Wed, 02/17/2021 - 10:26

Call opens for 35th 8 March - Maria Aurèlia Capmany Award entries

Prize. Call opens for 8 March Award entries

Thu, 02/11/2021 - 09:32

Debate over 32-hour working week gets underway

Once just a dream, this concept is now firmly on the agenda of the debate led by the Ministry of Labour over the regulation of working hours.

Thu, 01/21/2021 - 19:57

Building a new global agenda: TUW 2020

Time Use Week 2020, organized by the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society, took place from 23 to 29 November 2020 under the slogan “Building a new global agenda”.

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  • Compact Time

    Compact Time

    Want to pick up the agreements between administration, organizations and citizens to promote quality of life and reconciliation of personal, family and work, through better time management.

  • Time to share

    Time to share

    With the support of the municipal program Time and Quality of Life, a growing group of companies working to promote networking and exchange experiences around a new organization of work that makes possible the harmonization of the personal, family and work.

  • Business Network

    Business Network

    With the support of the City, a growing group of companies working to promote networking and exchange experiences around a new organization of work that makes possible the harmonization of the personal, family and work.

  • LabTime


    A bank of resources available for the citizenship with documents, links and noticies elaborated by institutions of national and international area that they bring information about the evolution of the policies of the time and care, which we will gradually expand.