Time Banks

Their activity is based on the exchange of time between people helping solve problems in everyday life. The customers of those banks deposit some hours of work time, an amount of time they promise to spend doing services related to their skills. To read a fairy tale to someone, to take care of a child during an illness, to read books to old people, to help with school homework, to help take care of domestic pets or plants, to do small home repair, to accompany people on a walk, are all activities that take place during those exchanges. The original investor, in turn, will receive back the services of other people that will return to him, or her, the same amount of time that was deposited at the beginning.

As their main goal, time banks promote solidarity exchange contributing, this way, to create community bonds and also help improve people's quality of life. The value of cooperation, trust among people and opposition to consumerism is present in all exchanges that, in addition, take place also between people of different ages and generations.

Bancs del Temps, com funcionen

Independently of the services given or obtained, the exchange unit in time banks is the hour. In this bank, time is the main measure of wealth, and, in consequence, its key unit of value.

Els bancs del temps de la ciutat

What are the banks of the time that we will find in the city. Let's take a short tour.

Jornada anual

Annually takes place in Barcelona a day of sharing experiences among the different time banks of the city, which also include people from all over Catalonia and abroad.