Sharing knowledge

The central idea that drives these knowledge exchange networks is the conviction that everybody can teach and learn something, and, therefore, it is a good idea to share and exchange knowledge.

The goal of these networks is to give and receive knowledge beyond commercial exchange. They are excellent tools for building community and for the advancement of reciprocity. People involved in social transformation programs are mainly concerned with the distribution and spreading of knowledge. Usually, these initiatives are started together with other educational projects, either online or on a face-to-face level, and are linked to local neighborhood endeavors.

Virtual community of twitter which allows to share sport challenges with persons who also practice the same discipline.

Community of 15.000 readers in net where shared readings and comments about literature and writers.

With more than 20 years of operation this net promotes the exchange of knowledge, at the time that it participates actively in the associative life of Roquetes. Are it social headquarters in the Ton i Guida Cultural Center.

This portal gathers information of knowledge exchange nets in Catalonia. It offers free software for the creation of new xic's.

Exchanges of knowledge, goods and services among neighbors in Poblesec. It headquarter is in the Civic Center Sortidor.

European Web Site for learning of languages through exchanges with other persons. Conversations, corrections, encounters and linguistic exchanges.

Collaborative platform, created by Infojobs to promote exchanges of professional knowledge among jobseekers. Languages, advice, CVs writing, etc