Call of subsidies

Provisional resolution of the general call for subsidies, activities and district and city services for the year 2020

The provisional resolution of concession and denial of the general call for subsidies, activities and district and city services for the year 2020 has already been published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona, ​​dated June 5. Remember that the field "Uses of Time" is included in this call and that you will find it assigned to the letter Q.

Within the "Uses of Time" field, a total of 38 applications have been submitted, of which 24 proposals have been evaluated. Of these, 75% have obtained a budget allocation proposal.

The total budget allocation for this thematic area has been 55,000 euros. The projects presented had to be registered in one of these two modalities:

Qa 11) Promote actions to reconcile family, work, personal and social time in organizations.

Qb 11) Actions and services to raise awareness of the fact that the uses of time are a key factor for the daily well-being of people.

You will find the provisional resolution proposal corresponding to the field "Uses of time" starting on page 87 of the document.

The regulatory bases of the call grant to the entities that have submitted a term of 10 working days to present allegations, amendments and modifications; to be counted from the day following the publication of the resolution (that is, until June 19 inclusive). This period is aimed at those projects that have been affected by the general context of Covid-19 or by measures to combat it so that they have had to make changes in format and/or in the budget. In such a case, it is necessary that they present the modification of the project, so they can use the document "Modification of project" posted on the municipal website (which we also attach in this news) together with an instance indicating that it is a request for modification. .

Reformulations of projects in another sense will continue to be governed by the subsidy regulations and may be presented as always later.