Call of subsidies

On May 20, the provisional resolution of granting and denial of the Barcelona City Council General Call for Grants for projects, activities and district and city services was published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona (BOPV) for the year 2021.

In the thematic area of ​​Time Programs, (letter Q) two differentiated modalities are distinguished and whose objective is:

Qa) Promote actions to reconcile family, work, personal and social time in organizations.

Qb) Actions and services to raise awareness of the fact that the uses of time are a key factor for the daily well-being of people.

In this provisional resolution, the subsidized projects and the proposed amount are indicated. Denied and unsupported projects are also reported. The day after the publication of the provisional resolution to the BOPV, a period of ten business days (until June 4 included) is opened to present the supporting documentation required in the same announcement.

In the same period, a procedure is opened to present allegations. The fact that the interested applicants do not present allegations within said period means that they are satisfied and the provisional resolution will be final. This assumption will be conditioned, where appropriate, the presentation of the supporting documentation that has been indicated in the publication of the provisional resolution.

For the grants that are proposed to be awarded and it has not been required to present supporting documentation, the resolution proposal will be final without the need to notify it, if the examining body so decides. In the same way, the subsidies that are proposed to be denied due to technical requirements or for not having reached the minimum grade, without allegations having been presented within the established period, will be definitive without the need to notify them.

In the event that the amount awarded to provisionally approved grant applications is less than the amount requested from the application instance, and whenever this affects the execution of the project, it is necessary to present the reformulation of the project in accordance with the decrease in this amount . In the event that this reformulation is not presented, the amount reported to the request instance will be taken into account when assessing the justification of the project.

Let us remember that the telematic presentation of documentation is mandatory.

You will find more information about the requirements and scoring criteria in the call booklet (link to the document is attached) as well as the link to the City Council grants website and the BOPV.