The Department of Time Programs and care economy performs Dedeuauna Program, aimed at boys and girls between 16 and 24 years, which is involved in managing the time of youth who neither study nor work, aiming to guide them in the search process of training and / or employment alternatives.

School failure and the lack of job opportunities often cause discouragement among a section of the young population has left the training area and has failed to join the professional field. This situation results in some cases, these young people who are out of training circuits and / or labor are facing days of "non-productive" time.

Learning to manage the use of their time, while the attitude work, and motivation, you can help improve the self-esteem of these young people and facilitate their integration into the educational world and / or labor and, therefore, their quality of life and the immediate social environment.
For this reason during the course 2012-2013, from Time and Quality of Life program, along with the District of Nou Barris and Education Consortium, Dedeuauna pilot project in Espai Jove les Basses was launched. A varied program, attractive and accessible daily activities, which wants to guide participants in their future career, whether in the workplace or training, with special emphasis on learning time management.

During the pilot project involving 59 young people in the program, of which 32 met the overall objectives of the project. From then until now the program has been active with a varied program of workshops, tutorials, advice and individualized, with hours from Monday to Friday, from ten to one, the young rafts space surveillance, and from the 2015-16 course can also be found in the Civic Center San Martí.

For more information and registration contact:

Espai Jove les Basses (c Teide. 20), information telephone: 932 563 600 in the District of Nou Barris and
Centre Civic San Martí (c Selva de Mar, 215.), Phone: 647 March 18, 16 in the District of San Martin