Time Banks in the city

In Barcelona, the Network of Time Banks has been in development since 1998 with the support of the city government.

This network continues to grow up, consolidating itself and expanding all over the city. As alternative to this neighborhood model, a number of Time Banks initiatives have emerged in educational communities and digital platforms that contribute to a more balanced way to negotiate personal, family and the work time of its citizens.

There are virtual Time Banks that allow also exchanges online using the Internet.

Time Banks are opened to everybody. We recommend checking the ones close to you in the list attached, and encourage you to join them.



The following is a list of time banks.


District: Poble Sec
Location: Centre Cívic El Sortidor
pl. del Sortidor, 12
Promoted for: Commission of coexistence of the Community Plan of the neighborhood of Poble Sec
Beginning: 2009

Location: Ateneu Popular La Bòbila de Porta.
C/ de l’Estudiant, 1-5 (pl. Sóller)

District: Nou Barris - Cutat Meridiana
Location: C Vallcivera, 3 encore
Promoted for: Community Plan and neighbors.
Beginning: 2014

Location: Internet and Cataluña Square Station
Promoted for: Active workers and pensioners of FGC
Beginning: 2014
The bank objective has creating a help net between the workers of the company and offers time to the sectors of the society more disfavored.

District: Sarrià
Location: Center of Social Services
Promoted for: Sarrià Bank of the time
Beginning: 2014
Signboard with offers and demands for the users of the Center of Social Services.

Location: On-Line
Promoted for: Timerepublik
Beginning: 2013
On-line Bank time with users around the world. It is organized by type of talent or resources, but you can also search by location.

District: Ciutat Vella.
Location: Centre Cívic Barceloneta. C/ Conreria, 1-9
Sponsored by: different neighborhood associations.
Start year: 2007

District: Ciutat Vella
Location: Carrer de la Reina Amàlia, 31
Promoted by: Neighborhood organizations
Start year: 2007

District: Eixample
Location: Espai 210
C/ Padilla, 210, baixos
Promoted by: Community Plan
Start year: 2011

District: Eixample
Location: c.Alí Bei, 94-96 (xamfrà Sardenya)
Promoted by: neighborhood residents.
Start year: 2012

District: Eixample
Location: Encants School
Promoted by: Association of school's parents
Start year: 2013

District: Eixample
Promoted by: Fort Pienc Neighbourhood residents.
Web platform created in 2013 as a meeting place for residents, workers and businesses in the neighbourhood of Fort Pienc to meet through proximity the needs of residents

Banc del Temps de Sants

District: Sants - Montjuïc
Location: Centre de Serveis Socials Numància. C/ Numància, 7
Promoted by: Neighbourhood residents.
Start year: 2013

District: Les Corts
Location: Centre Cívic Riera Blanca
Promoted by: Entity Banc Solidari [Bank of Solidarity]
Start year: 1997

District: Sarrià – Sant Gervasi
Location: Centre Cívic Casa Orlandai
C/. Jaume Piquet, 23
Promoted by: Cultural Association
Start year: 2009

District: Gràcia
Location: Lluïsos de Gràcia
Pl. del Nord, 7-10
Promoted by: Lluïsos de Gràcia Association
Start year: 2003

District: Horta - Guinardó
Location:Lluïsos d'Horta C/. Feliu i Codina, 7 (Horta)
Promoted by: Neighborhood residents.
Start year: 2013
Customer service hours: Thurdsday from 17.30 from 19.30
T/. 934 277 327

District: Sant Andreu
Location: Civic Centre del Bon Pastor. C/ Robert Gerhard, 3
Promoted by: Neighborhood association and the parish
Start year: 2002

District: Sant Andreu
Location: Centre Cívic Trinitat Vella
C/ Foradada, 36-38
Promoted by: Neighborhood residents.
Start year: 2011

District: Sant Andreu
Location: Espai 30 (Nau Ivanov)
C/ Hondures, 30
Promoted by: La Sagrera es Mou Association
Start year: 2012

District: Sant Martí
Location: Centre Cultural La Farinera del Clot
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 837
Promoted by: Dona i Comunitat Association
Start year: 2006

District: Sant Martí
Location: Casal Bac de Roda
Promoted by: Neighborhood residents.
Start year: 2012

District: Sant Martí
Location: Casal de Barri La Verneda
C/. Santander, 6
Promoted by: Coordinator by organizations and residents.
Start year: 2012

Location: On line
Promoted by: Universitat de Barcelona
Digital exchange platform created in 2013 as a meeting point for students, teachers and staff of the University to build a network of relationships within the school community.

Location: On line
Promoted by: Jose L. Torres. Designer
Spanish scope Time Bank, person and online. The services are measured in minutes which can be spending on any services offered by the website users.

Location: On line
Promoted by: De persona a persona,S.L.
Start year: 2007
Web sharing for services, knowledge and objects from person to person scope Spanish. Ads are classified into categories such as education, home, music and tourism.

Location: On line
Promoted by: Cronobank Association
Start year: 2012
Digital platform for exchange of services between individuals, organizations and NGOs from around the world. It offers advice, without geographical restrictions, for the establishment of Time Banks.

Location: On line
Start year: 2012
Exchange Web services, jobs or objects between users. Exchanges take place between two people without compensation services to third parties.