The bank of hours to adjust workloads in according to the activity and makes it easier working people might have flexibility to manage their time.

ABD commitment customizing reconciliation measures and time, highlighting the creation of a joint committee and adopting a gender agent to carry out the demands of their workers.

Dynamic, innovative and pioneering organization, the basic purpose of ACEFAT is the sustainability of the urban space, the accessibility, the environmentalization and the information of the works of services.

The way of leading, communicating and implanting is key for the success of the measures of time and conciliation.

As a small company, we are proud to be able to meet the reconciliation needs of each worker, giving flexibility according to the needs of each one.


Flexible working conditions are facilitated through which a good balance between professional and private life can be achieved.

Following the demand of the workers and workers organize weekly, concentrating the work in a period and like this to be able to have fun of its|his|her|their spare time and familiar.

Can Cet is an organization, socially responsible, to provide services that facilitates social integration of people with disabilities. Besides ensuring to their personal a job, provides psychosocial support to them.

The RSE generates very important benefits, since taking care of the collaborators, you fidelitzes them, you retain the talents, reduces the absenteeism and increases the implication of everybody

Image Ciudades Family Welcome SLU

Our priority is and always has been upbringing of our children. The fact of being parents in this company is a value for what we protect from the individual and collective responsibility