Boosting The Economic of Cares

The Barcelona City Council is working for the democratization of care in the city of Barcelona by developing a series of specific actions aimed at the labor market, with the aim of giving visibility and value to care, combating the inequalities that go through their provision and reception, And promote co-responsibility between different social actors.

From the perspective of the democratization of care, Barcelona City Council wants to boost the economy of care in the labor market in two ways: improving the reconciliation of work, personal, family and social time while being promoted The correponsability; And promote the empowerment of women workers as a professional group. The Measure of Government for a Democratization of Care (2017-2020) includes several actions to achieve these objectives.

On the one hand, the Measure includes actions to influence the order of work facilitating the reconciliation of work, personal, family and social time, while promoting co-responsibility. This includes actions aimed at companies and organizations to improve and innovate with measures in this area, such as the extension of the Network New Social Uses of Time (NUST), actions to raise awareness of good practices to promote democratization Care for companies in the social and solidarity economy; And also actions so that the internal organization of the Barcelona City Council is an example of good practices of conciliation.

On the other hand, there are actions aimed at improving the conditions in which the provision of care is provided in the labor market, which today are characterized by their precariousness and a scarce recognition of rights. These include actions aimed at the professional recognition of domestic workers and caregivers, ensuring that their labor rights are respected, improving the conditions in which care is provided, and promoting the empowerment of women workers as a professional group. Measures are also envisaged for public procurement as a model for defending labor rights and working conditions in the sector.

Apart from the Measure of Government for a Democratization of Care, Barcelona City Council has developed various plans, strategies and agreements that have among their objectives to influence the labor market so that it facilitates the right of all people to care, and to That defends and promotes the rights of workers in the care sector.

These include:

 Pla d’Impuls de l’Economia Social i Solidària (2016-2019)

A municipal initiative that displays a socio-economic view transforming urban reality and a program of action with the aim of contributing to the reduction of social and territorial inequalities and promoting an economy at the service of people and social justice

Strategy against the Feminization of Poverty and Precarity in Barcelona (2016-2024)

Among others, it has as a priority objective to improve the labor market conditions of the home and the care sector.

El Pla per la Justícia de Gènere (2016-2020)

One of the four strategic axes of the Plan is axis B: Economy for life and organization of time, where the themes of: Occupations; Domestic work, care and affection; And the struggle against the feminization of poverty and precariousness.


Strategy for the Occupation of Barcelona (2016-2020)

It proposes a framework, agreed and shared between the different agents that can influence the promotion of employment in the city, to combat unemployment and job insecurity through social dialogue.

Tractor Project: A more Social Economy, with the aim of promoting quality employment, more well-being and solidarity.