Tools and information

Communities all over the world are developing tools for running time banks, exchange networks or companies that foster a sustained economy, from management and research software, to maps for locating resources.

Websites collecting information from the many functioning networks and showing the resources available all over the world are emerging everyday. All these resources can help you know the services that are available, or help you find ideas for your associations.




App for the exchange of goods and services in Barcelona. It allows you to create restricted user groups so that exchanges are secure: tools, sports equipment and small appliances are some of the goods offered. Available for iOs and Android.

Free software tool for managing time banks. It brings together in a single program the high and low users, exchanges and the publication of supply and demand.

The Organic Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data (Act) aims to protect and guarantee personal information, civil liberties and fundamental rights of physical persons, and especially their personal and familiar privacy and secrecy communications.

Magazine on the economics of sharing. Promote P2P technology to enhance collaborative economy worldwide.

Mapping project of alternative economies in Spain. They use free software in order to facilitate the participation of all the interested persons.

The association aims to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the time banks. Provide free software for the management of banks, training and other resources.

Blog with information about sharing, time banks, currencies and many other resources on Solidarity Economy.