Information and resources

The Department of Time Programs and Care Economics has as one of its main lines of work the participation of citizens and also share knowledge and experiences with other cities at national or international level, through participation in networks or with the organization or attending conferences and congresses.

This participation becomes more relevant when we talk about the associative fabric of the city, for this reason, each year participates in the general call for grants for projects, activities and services of district and city.

In addition, it wants to publicize other experiences that the City is developing directly related to the uses of time and the economy of care, which we will update periodically.

Since 2014, the Department of Time Programs and Care Economics has been supporting initiatives that have as priority objectives the promotion of work, family, personal and social reconciliation and / or the promotion of the economy of care

Active participation in national and international networks and programs as a tool for exchanging initiatives and experiences of time policies.

Barcelona City Council periodically organises or takes part in national and European conferences at which different stakeholders pool their experiences and reflections on the evolution of everyday time and the keys to future progress in reconciling working, family and personal time and the organisation of time in our cities.

Times and services at sports and cultural facilities, markets, citizen advice offices and on public transport are changing to adapt to new needs in the city. You can find information different proposals for uses of time in Barcelona here.