Care Community Initiatives

The city has a number of community initiatives that contribute to the democratization of care, because they facilitate their social recognition and contribute to their socialization, redistributing the burdens of care across borders and the privacy of homes.

Community initiatives in the area of ​​care economics in the city of Barcelona are projects that arise from people in the territory to meet their care needs collectively and non-profit. These projects are characterized mainly by their capacity for collective self-organization, voluntary contribution of their members and transparency in economic management and decision-making. They create networks of mutual support, linked to the neighborhood or territory and are managed by the group itself, although they can count on the support of the City Council in different ways, such as the assignment of spaces or the granting of subsidies. Examples of community-based care support projects include foster care projects, cohabitatge initiatives for seniors or seniors, or support groups for primary caregivers of people with dependency, illness, or the elderly.

The accompaniment to needs and projects of the territory is carried out collaborating with the Districts through sessions of work that coordinates our department, support to concrete demands, accompaniment in processes, etc.

In response to the demands of the initiatives themselves, different actions will be developed, which can be consulted in this section

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