Exchange of goods

The desire to follow ecological and social criteria at the moment of buying has given rise to these networks for exchanging goods, purchasing cooperatives and exchange markets, among others current kinds of citizens’ initiatives.

They offer a new way to focus an economic activity on people, the environment and sustained ways of development while building community. It is based on the free exchange of goods between people, without the intervention of money, or with the intervention of proprietary money circumscribed to fairs, markets and street activities.

Beyond this physical exchange, online digital platforms appear each day. These new types of activities allow also all kinds of products to be exchanged.


A sample

Platform directed web page to travellers, it offers selfless help to share a route, car or accommodation.

Ludic and nonprofit association which proposes a sales process based on prices without money. The things they sell are a priced, which can range from calling your mother to dance the conga, you just have to be willing to invest a little time to perform the action that they request for the object.

Market of exchange of Sants, in the square Josep Pons (before Bonet and Muixí), 4 calls per year: February, June, September and December.

The web site connects to drivers and passengers to share cars in journeys for Europe. The payment on the journeys is made through the page in order to guarantee the exchanges.

The web site promotes the exchange of cloth for other lambs or services. Geolocates the users and sample the advertisements of their zone.

itinerant Market of exchange of Nou Barris, the event changes of location in each call and is open to users of all the city.

Market of cloth exchange organized for Barcelona Medi Ambient in different spaces of the city in the framework of the European Week for the prevention of waste, all November. (CA)

Barter network headquartered in Lluïsos of Gràcia. Organize a quarterly exchange market and use facebook as a means of communication between users.

Net of welcomes for travellers in homes from all over the world. It offers a safe accommodation and revision of the guest profiles.