LABTEMPS. A resource bank

This space wants to be a source of resources for all those people who work or are interested in the policies of time and the economy of care. It is structured in such a way that it differs on the one hand the information on the policies developed by public administrations in different places of Catalonia, Europe and the rest of the World; And on the other the publications promoted by the universities and research groups and that provide a vision on the current reality or the planning in the matter.

This space has information gathered since 2006 and will grow with the contributions of all people, entities and collaborating institutions.

What we find there


Understanding reality is the first step towards action, towards raising awareness and transforming society. In consequence with this premise, the Programme has established a study forum whose objective is to research into the present situation as regards time and to draw attention to policies introduced elsewhere, making publications and studies available to citizens and providing access to current legislation.

Polítiques públiques de temps

European legislation, regulations and actions taken by public statements in reference to the social use of time, equality and balance between personal, family and working life. You will find documents by local, national and international sphere.

Treballs de recerca

Compilation of works around the social use of time done by universities, research groups and other institutions. In this section you will find also barometers and national and international statistics.


Extensive bibliography of narrative, film and dissemination work to know how it has changed the use of time in recent history. All documents gathered in this section are available in the Libraries of Barcelona.


Tools for time management and links with institutions that working to improve the use of time in modern society. In this section you will also find resources for the implementation of conciliation measures in companies.


Interviews, reports and conferences on the value of time