Measures to conciliate and manage time

Organizing labor time improves business productivity and the quality of life of its workers. One of the goals of the NUST network is to showcase those measures conciliating and managing time that are set by different types of businesses, especially those that encourage the sharing of family and work responsibilities between men and women.

To reap the potential transformative impact of these conciliation measures, their inclusion in the gender equality policy of businesses, and also in its main plan to reorganize labor time, is highly recommended. Along gender equality policies, measures to enhance the sharing of family responsibilities between men and women can be also developed.

In this section, we list a number of generic measures to conciliate and manage time and add a list of businesses that participate in a network that implements them as part of their Decalogue of Good Practices.


Some examples


Mesures de conciliacio
Flexibilitat de temps

Flexible distribution of labor time that, based on goals or preset amounts of time, allows more autonomy to the worker

Flexibilitat en l'espai de treball

Detaches workers from a concrete physical space from which to develop their professional activity.

Flexibilitat a les relacions laborals

Allows the adjustment of working schedules to the different moments that a professional career can take throughout a lifetime

Suport professional

Advice and training for the personal and professional development of workers

Serveis o prestacions indirectes

Resources provided by businesses to make work and personal time compatible for their workers

Serveis complementaris a clients i persones usuàries

Complementary services and products that contribute to the conciliation of work and personal time and to the time management of customers and clients