Fiction often opens the door of reality, it ahead the social progress and reflects missing moments showing us our lives from different angles. We offer us a selection of texts that give visions of childhood, workplace, gender and leisure understood as a look at the passage of time.

Author: Sílvia Soler 
Subjects: Family relationships - Care - Emigration - Vital stages
Columna Edicions, 2015 
A year and a half in the life of a contemporary family explained from the seasons. Newly retired parents and four brothers, three of whom, for various reasons, have to go and look for their lives. The eldest is an architect and lives in Canada, the second, a cook, lives in Paris, the third, an oceanographer, lives in Mallorca, and the youngest, surfer, is the only one who lives with his parents.

Author: Margaret Atwood 
Subjects: Gender- Religion Salamandra, 2017
Dystopic fiction that focuses on the Republic of Gilead that sheltering in Islamic terrorism, politicians tocòcretes take power and abolish, among others, the rights of women. The body of Defred, the protagonist, only serves to procreate, as imposed by the Puritan dictatorship that dominates the country.

Author: Sonsoles Ónega 
Subjects: Conciliation - Work - Uses of the time 
Planet, 2015 
Fiction based on the life of the author that it reflects like afterwards of made haber all duties the women continue fighting for a real equality in the work world that allows them to reconcile their personal and family life.

Author: Francesc Serés 
Subject: Work 
Barcelona: Empúries, 2007 
On Horseback among the stories and the journalistic reports, Serés, one of the more distinguished Catalan writers of his generation, offers us a thorough portrait of the world of the work in Catalonia.

Author: Armando López Salinas 
Subject: social Classes - work 
Barcelona: I Am Destined, 1977 
One of the most significant works of the social novel of Spanish posguerra. Portrait trustworthy of the world of the work of the miners.

Author: Mario Benedetti 
Subject: Old Age 
Madrid: Alianza, 1999 
Written in the form of false dietary La tregua is a poetic approach to old age and the last will.

Author: Philip Roth
Subjects: Cares - Old Age
Barcelona: Seix Barral, 2004Novel who bets on self-affirmation to narrate the process of terminal illness of the narrator's father. As almost always an exceptional Roth.

Author: Julio Llamazares
Subject: Rural areas - Old age
Barcelona: Seix Barral, 1998
Chronicle of the disappearance of a village of Leon that will be submerged under the waters of a swamp and at the same time chronicles the disappearance of its last settler.

Author: Giani Stuparich
Subject: Work - Old Age
Barcelona: Minúscula, 2010
Wonderful portrait of old age and the dignity of man before death.

Author: Mohamed Xukri
Subject: Social classes - Childhood
Alzira: Bromera, 2000
The harsh daily mood of a child in Tangier. Literature naked and direct that exerts the effect of a punch.

Author: Umberto Saba
Subject: Youth
Barcelona: La Magrana, 1987
Magrana 1995
The author from Trieste left us a magnificent portrait of the contradictions of adolescence in the figure of the protagonist Ernesto of the novel.

Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
Subject: social Classes - youth 
Barcelona: Editions 62, 1999 
Possibly the most successful training novel ever written. The charisma of its protagonist reached far beyond the pages of the book.

Author: Charles Dickens 
Subject: social Classes - childhood - work 
Barcelona: Prow, 1996 
Hard portrait of childhood in 19th century London. A great classic.

Author: Fátima Mernissi 
Subject: Gender - religion 
Barcelona: Column [etc], 1999 
Another example of the reality of women to Islam. A portrait of genre in an icy weather.

Author: Virginia Woolf
Subject: Gender 
Madrid: Alianza, 2003
Great classic by Virgina Woolf in which she claims a space and time for women.

Author: Assia Djebar
Subject: Gender
Lleida: Pagès, 2002A counterpoint to Virginia Woolf's classic, and a portrait of a time and a country where women are far from having their own space.

Author: Gioconda Belli
Subject: Gender
Barcelona: La Otra Orilla, 2010
Tale about a world one only lives women. The latest novel by the Nicaraguan writer Gioconda Belli, a reference in gender literature.

Author: Lluís Ferran de Pol
Subject: Social classes - youth
Barcelona: Angle, 2008Symbolic space and time of social conflicts. The 20 years recreated by the hand of an unjustly forgotten author.

Author: Josep M. de Sagarra 
Subject: Urban Area - classes social 
Barcelona: Prow, 2000 
, Possibly the big novel of Barcelona. Incomparable portrait of a period, of a space that he|she|it changes to the frantic rhythm that imposes the modernity and of a social class incapable of adapting oneself to it.

Author: Antonio Ferres
Subject: Rural areas - social classes
Madrid: Gadir, cop. 2006
Antonio Ferres visits Las Hurdes to leave us an indelible testimony of precariousness. This book, together with the Buñuel film, make up an indispensable diptych on a shaggy ground for chronic precariousness.

Author: Juan Marsé 
Subject: Social Classes - youth 
Barcelona: Seix Barral, 1998 
Great classic of Marsé, impossible love story and shock of social classes in the Barcelona of the Franco's regime.