Objectives and work plan

The Barcelona City Council understands the management of time as a right of citizenship and therefore promotes changes in social organization that aim to meet the needs of the temporary management of everyday life. On the other hand, in the area of ​​care economics, the City Council wants to contribute to visualizing care in all its spheres and making it co-responsible, to improve the working conditions of the economic sector of care, currently marked by precariousness; And politicize care and make it the object of public intervention and social and economic action.

In short, the City Council aims to find solutions that improve the quality of life of people and define Barcelona as a socially innovative city. The work plan of the Department of Time Programs and Care Economics structure as follows:

The observation of reality
Thanks to the studies we began to know how is the social organization of time and the management of care in the city. Given that the reality is very changing, we can not fail to observe the emerging needs and initiatives that constantly arise around the areas of time and care. The collaboration of analysts and expert people contributes to the knowledge, the reflection and the sensitization, from the studies, publications and spaces of debate.

The performances
We work on projects that allow us to adapt the urban organization to the needs of the citizens in these areas. We act, together with the different agents involved, on daily and near areas: the neighborhood, work or school, to intervene on social reality.

The design and implementation of policies for the social use of time and the economics of care have a cross-cutting dimension and require the participation and involvement of the greatest possible number of agents: municipal officials, citizens and entities, companies, labor organizations and networks. Cities.
Cooperation and networking allows us to advance in the preparation of proposals and the implementation of the actions.