Pact of Time

The Barcelona Time Agreement is a municipal initiative that seeks the commitment of citizens and the City Council itself to promote actions in the field of time use that contribute to the reduction of social inequalities, the improvement of the quality of life and the Promotion of a plural economy at the service of people.

The way we organize and manage everyday time has become a common problem in our society and progressively, over the years, this concern has increased in the face of the difficulty of finding a balance between personal time, family, work, Of care and the social. A challenge that begins with the fact that this is a question of greater incidence in women and that must be contextualized in a collective framework of coexistence and progress of a territory - the city of Barcelona - and, inevitably, in a time that Presents a series of factors and specificities.

Taking these parameters into account, the Barcelona Time Agreement wants to be a space for dialogue and a living and constantly evolving instrument that facilitates the joint action of neighbors and neighbors, organizations, institutions and the Administration to build a city where people (Re) appropriate of their time and can organize it to satisfy their needs. It is from this conception of time as a right of citizenship, that the objectives of the Time Agreement and the actions and measures that constitute it are raised.