Study Plan

The objectives of the Program of Time and Caring Economy also include generating knowledge through a study plan equipped with tools useful for analysis and strategic decision-taking with regard to time policies. The basic purpose of these research projects, which are launched in cooperation with other bodies, is to form an updated vision of the general situation and periodically to provide a snapshot of current reality and citizen opinions with regard to uses of time and related policies.

To date, the following studies have been completed:

Study "Models of provision of care to people and support in the home"

Area: International
Topic: Economy of care - Household work
Authorship: Ángela García Bernardos, Elisa Covelo, Elba Mansilla, María Alejandra Peña. Under the direction of Raquel Gallego.
Review: The document explores and analyzes different models of intervention in the care and home economy with the aim of generating new models of intervention and approach that promote the universality, dignity and sustainability of these services.

Economy of care and municipal policy: towards a democratization of care in the city of Barcelona

Language: Spanish

Area: Barcelona
Subject: Economics of care
Authors: Sandra Ezquerra (University of Vic); Elba Mansilla (The Invisible City) and City Hall of Barcelona.
Review: Exploring the provision and reception of care in the city of Barcelona, carrying out qualitative interviews with recipients and providers of care, with the objective of formulating action recommendations to democratize it and place it at the center of political, social and economic priorities

Area: Catalonia
Subject: Time management-Conciliation and co-responsibility
Authors: Women Directors and Professionals of Social Action and Barcelona City Council
The study analyzes the situation and the challenges that the social sector faces in moving towards a management of the times that take into account the universal lanecessitat of compatibilitzarles care, the working day and personal and social times.

Diagnostic of "Neighbourhood time, shared education time"and activities out of the school schedule

Language: Catalan
Direction: Programs of New Social Uses of the Time. Council of Barcelona 
Collaboration: Institute of Education. Council of Barcelona and Foundation Jaume Bofill 
Writing: Elena Sintes Pascual 
Barcelona, 2010 
The collection publication and it unifies the different studies carried out among 2005 and 2010 in the neighborhoods that kept on incorporating into the "Neighbourhood time, shared education time". The diagnostic carried out allowed to know the needs and demands, in relation to the out-of-school activities, of the agents and the families of the different territories.


Social Use of Time in Barcelona. A Prospective Vision

Research team: Elena Sintes, Jordi Serra, Albert Cónsola and Antoni Ramon
Barcelona, 2006 
Established by: Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies Research Group (IERMB) and Barcelona City Council Department for Uses of Time
Exhaustive description of social uses of time in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area from 1985 to 2006 and approximation to future scenarios.
Document in Catalan

Social use of the time in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region

Director: Carme Miralles-Guasch
Coordinator: Elena Sintes Pascual
Assistance: Maties Vives Campdepadrós
Barcelona, 2007
Established by: Barcelona City Council Department for Uses of Time and IERMB
Study of the impact of the growth of the city into a metropolis on people's uses of time. A vision of the main problems caused by this territorial structure on the way people manage their time and their personal development.

Innovative initiatives at businesses in Barcelona

Authors: Annabel Jové, Iolanda Blesa and Silvia Hidalgo Alcázar (support)
Barcelona, 2007
Established by: Barcelona City Council Department for Uses of Time and Barcelona Economic and Social Council (CESB)
Study and description of companies that have launched initiatives with direct impact on their employees' time. The conclusions and recommendations seek to provide a reference for companies in all sectores.
Document in Catalan

Work time: report on European Union measures

Author: Special Research Centre on Everyday Life (QUIT) 
Barcelona, 2007
Established by: Barcelona City Council Department for Uses of Time and Barcelona Economic and Social Council (CESB)
Review of changes in labour relations in Europe due to changes in work times. The study concludes with descriptions of a number of proposals for action and initiatives regarding uses of time in Catalonia and Spain.
Document in Catalan

Survey "Uses of Time and the Public Space"

Established by: Department for Uses of Time and Barcelona City Council Department Directorate for Study and Evaluation Services 
Barcelona, 2006
Based on 800 interviews, the survey describes public perceptions of uses of time and the public space. 
Document in Catalan

The social use of the time in Barcelona. Executive Study

Established by: Barcelona City Council Department for Uses of Time and IERMB 
Barcelona, 2006
This study, based on the 1985, 1990, 1995 and 2000 surveys of living conditions and habits, provides information on the strategies employed by the people of Barcelona as regards time, as well as their perceptions of the issue and the ways they organise the different time spheres.